Traveling in a new country or your homeland requires cars and every one likes to use his/her car because of the comfort. While the statement above is true you would soon reconsider your option and go for a car rental service if you are traveling in a new country.


Car Insurance is a very complicated affair in one’s country. It gets multiplied if you take your car abroad. Car insurance is generally economical if taken for a year’s duration. If you are traveling abroad for a shorter duration you have to pay a higher insurance. A car rental too involves insurance costs but they will be proportionate to the duration of usage.

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Driving License

While driving licenses of most countries are valid in different countries other than the home country, there is still a grey area about the rules and regulations of a new country. If you are driving a rental car, the rental agency will provide you with all kinds of support to ensure you have a trouble free journey. If you are driving on your own, you might find yourselves at your wit’s end.

Breakdown Service and On-Road Assistance

Most Breakdown Service contracts and On-Road Assistance contracts are valid within one’s own country. You might have to incur the cost of a contract in another country to be on the safe side or pay heavily in case of a problem.

Drive and Drop

If you are on a multi city journey, and you want to use your car, you might have to drive long distances, city to city. In case you don’t use a car, you get the option to fly from city to city while using rental cars to travel locally. You can also hire a car from one city and drop it off at another city. You can also hire big luxury cars and make your trip memorable. You can go to luxury car hire Melbourne, if you are in Melbourne to get the best quality cars and services.

These basic facts need to be understood for a safe and comfortable journey. You must be able to complete your assignments without unnecessarily worrying about the car issues in a new country. Car hire services are helpful in such conditions.